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SEO hosting Canada

The term SEO Web hosting refers to web hosting that is explicitly designed to ensure advantages in search engine optimization. These packages can be used for any kind of website. Also the use of a content management system like with one Application hosting or the creation of an online shop or blog is possible.

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Important functions of SEO Web hosting packages for search engine optimization

SEO Web hosting packages provide the website operator with the following functions in order to influence the criteria for a better ranking:

  • performance
  • Even extensive and complex web projects that use content management systems or online shop software must guarantee a fast response time from the server, especially when the number of visitors is high. The speed of your own website is an important ranking factor.
  • reachability
  • In any case, the website should be permanently accessible. If the automatic crawler of a search engine is currently updating the pages in the index while the website cannot be reached, this has a negative effect on the ranking.
  • Exclusive IP address
  • A web project with an exclusive IP address is classified by search engines as more relevant and authoritative than if hundreds of projects share a single IP address on the same server.
  • Linking your own projects to one another
  • If you run several projects and want them to support each other with links, each project should be hosted on a separate IP, preferably in different Class-C networks. Links from different IPs and Class-C networks are weighted more heavily by search engines than links that all come from the same IP or from the same network.
  • Detailed log file analysis
  • A detailed analysis of the log files of a website can be used as an important basis for optimization. With the help of the log files, important information about the visitors can be collected, such as where they come from, which pages were accessed and which search terms visitors used to find the website.
  • Use of subdomains
  • By setting up subdomains, you can specifically create sub pages with content for specific keywords. Using these keywords in the subdomain URL can bring advantages in search engine ranking.
  • Use of configuration files
  • The .htaccess configuration file enables settings to be made directly on the web server. For example, the user can set up redirects and thus direct further suitable domain names, which consist of important keywords, to their own project.
  • Use a rewrite engine
  • Function of the web server to generate search engine-friendly URLs for dynamic websites such as online shops or blogs, such as article or topic categories. The Apache module mod_rewrite is often used for this.

SEO Web hosting for running multiple web projects

Anyone who oversees many web projects or implements them themselves knows that linking the projects to one another is not always easy, especially not when all projects are on the same server with an identical IP range and Class-C network.

SEO Web hosting offers an effective possibility to distribute these projects sensibly over several servers, whereby strong ranking effects can be achieved especially through the linking. For a normal server farm or a server cluster system Where projects are in the same Class-C network, the mutual linking loses its value for the search engines.

Not so with SEO Web hosting , where a large number of projects are server-technically separated in such a way that search engines cannot directly identify the owner based on the web hosting. Apart from the link, the individual projects in SEO Web hosting have no connection to one another, which makes the link itself much more valuable. The number of different IP addresses that refer to a website is also called IP popularity among experts. Instead of accommodating all projects in a complicated and costly manner with different hosting providers, SEO Web hosting enables the comfortable management of all projects within one account and still offers the advantages of different networks and IP addresses.


An SEO Web hosting from our provider comparison is the perfect solution for the management of websites, especially for search engine optimizer. The numerous setting options and the functionality of the web hosting allow several projects to be operated comfortably and taking into account search engine relevant criteria. In the list above you will find special offers from the SEO Web hosting provider comparison.