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Shared Web Hosting Canada

WordPress Hosting is one of the content management system (CMS), which allows easy administration and creation of websites and their content.As a rule, however, classic CMS are very free in their application and can also be used, for example, for a business home page, a video blog or an online -Shop can be used. WordPress, on the other hand, has historically specialized in building and maintaining a web blog and offers special plug-ins, extended functions and, in particular, a personalized user interface. Its most important properties, to which the developers pay special attention, include elegance, adaptability and intuitive and user-friendly navigation. This is what sets it apart from many other CMS, which are designed for maximum flexibility in use and therefore require much more extensive configuration and operation. Features, WordPress is by far the most popular CMS and has a 50% to 60% market share according to surveys. It is particularly appreciated by bloggers and has won numerous awards such as the Open Source CMS Award and the set of the best Open Source CMS.


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What is Shared Web Hosting?


shared web hosting

Shared Web Hosting is often referred to as web space. A large number of customers are accommodated on the same server (computer that hosts websites).

These share the resources of this server, for example RAM, CPU performance, hard disk, etc. Sometimes hundreds of customers are accommodated on one server.

In addition, as a customer, you have almost no influence on the settings of the server.

Benefits of Shared Web Hosting

Shared Web Hosting tariffs have a number of advantages.

  • Most of all, Shared Hosting is cheap . Since many customers share such a Shared Hosting server, everyone has to pay relatively little. It starts here from 1 euro per month. Private individuals in particular can save a lot of money here.
  • Shared Web Hosting is often sufficient for small websites. Not every website needs that much performance. Static websites or small blogs, for example, do not need a lot of power.
  • The Web hosts takes care of all the important settings, updates and maintenance work. As a customer, you don’t need to worry about technical details, which is very convenient for beginners.
  • Often, special user-friendly tools are integrated that, for example, enable software to be installed with one click.
  • Most important services, tools and programming languages ​​are supported with Shared Web Hosting tariffs. For example PHP and MySQL.

Disadvantages of Shared Hosting

There are a few disadvantages to Shared Hosting, however.

  • The first thing to be mentioned here is the performance ( loading time ). Even if the Web hosts take measures that distribute the performance of the server fairly across the customer websites, you still only have a small share. And when other websites, for whatever reason, put a heavy load on the server, the other customers suffer too.
  • Another important point is security. The Web hosts have taken a lot of precautions here too, but if you share such a server with others, there are certain security risks. Once the server itself has been hacked, your own website also suffers.
  • The storage space of a Shared Web Hosting plan is often limited. After all, all customers share the hard drive capacity of the server. If you want to host large amounts of data (e.g. photos), you may reach your limits.
  • Of course, you can’t really set anything on the server yourself, after all, that affects all customers. Experienced users will be disappointed with the few customization options.
  • With some hosting providers, Shared Web Hosting customers have worse support than renting an expensive server. That is also understandable in a certain way.


Shared Hosting is better than its reputation. For those who start small or are only planning a smaller website anyway, such a cheap tariff is usually completely sufficient.

And if the websites do grow, you can still easily switch to a higher tariff or even to your own server with many Canadian Web hosts .