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SSD hosting Canada

SSD hosting refers to the SSD hard drives built into the online host’s servers. SSD hard drives are electronic storage media that are utilized in various devices to store data. The abbreviation SSD stands for Solid State Drive. The name comes from English , where “Solid State” is that the name for an electronic component that’s made from semiconductors and contains no mechanical parts. “Drive” is that the name of a drive, like a tough drive. Now that the fast SSD hard drives are used more and more in personal computers, notebooks and tablets, they’re now also utilized in the servers of hosting providers. even as some providers specialist in special areas like shop hosting or Focusing on SEO hosting , SSD hosting providers also can be found on the market.

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What are the benefits of SSD hosting?

The biggest advantage of hosting is that the higher speed at which the stored data are often accessed. Especially in systems with a high volume of knowledge queries, like databases, the faster access times and therefore the lower latency are clearly noticeable. The speed advantage of SSD over HDD arises from the changed design. While with conventional HDD hard drives mechanical components need to be set in motion so as to read out the requested data at certain points on the info carrier, SSD hard drives can read out the corresponding data blocks directly. Dispensing with moving parts also brings other advantages. the whole construction is more robust and fewer vulnerable to external influences like vibrations. additionally , a lower temperature development is to be expected, which primarily benefits the opposite hardware components installed within the server. SSD hard drives are generally more energy-efficient and are therefore also suitable for energy-conscious providers of Interesting green hosting .

Advantages of SSD hosting at a glance:

  • Faster through higher access speed
  • More reliable thanks to increased reliability and stability
  • More energy efficient through less power consumption

Who is SSD hosting for?

The technology of hosting from our provider comparison is aimed toward customers who attach great importance to the performance of their website. especially , websites that are exposed to high loads from many visitors or that employment with complex database queries can enjoy the more efficient technology of SSD web hosting. This includes large Internet forums, well-attended chats, heavily frequented blogs and web projects with extensive data collections, as can often be found when using content management systems. Some providers also offer special hosting packages that outsource only certain parts of the web site to SSD hard drives. for instance , the whole database are often operated using SSD hardware, while the remainder of the info is managed using conventional server hardware.


A modern SSD hosting is certainly an answer for the longer term for various projects on the web . Ever faster internet connections also place ever greater demands on server technology. an internet hosting package from our SSD hosting provider comparison guarantees that your website is additionally technically equipped for fast access. within the list above you’ll find offers from special hosting providers.