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Magento Hosting :Magento is a web shop system that’s employed by many e-commerce companies round the world. within the field of open source software, Magento web shops are among the foremost powerful solutions and are a superb alternative to commercial products. Magento may be a relatively new open source web shop system that was developed by the US software developer Varien from l. a. . the primary final version was presented in March 2008, and version 2.0 appeared on November 17, 2015. After a brief time, a globally active and growing community had formed for Magento, whose members exchange ideas in forums, blogs and wikis. The manufacturer Varien was renamed Magento Inc. and has been a subsidiary of eBay Inc. since June 6, 2011.

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The developers of Magento Inc. and therefore the active community make sure that the software features a long-term perspective. With quite 1,000,000 downloads, the shop system is one among the fastest growing e-commerce solutions.

What Magento costs

Even if Magento was published as open source software, that doesn’t mean that the shop system is out there for free of charge . There are not any license costs for the Community Edition, but configuration work must be expected during installation. due to the complexity, programming skills are required, which is why these tasks should be administered by professionals. Also requests concerning the planning , layout and functionality don’t remain without influence on the prices of the Magento shop. The shop system is currently offered in two versions:

Community Edition

This version was published under the Open Software License 3.0 and may be downloaded and used freed from charge. Works derived therefrom must be published under an equivalent license. aside from the community, no further support is provided by the developer.

Enterprise Edition

An annual licensing fee of $ 15,550 is charged for this version with Gold Level Support. If the last word Enterprise Premium Edition is chosen, an annual licensing fee of $ 49,990 applies.

In addition to the prices for installation, configuration, localization, design and templates, counting on the Web hosts, monthly hosting costs of various amounts are often expected.

Users of the Professional Edition, which was discontinued in 2012, can upgrade to the Enterprise Edition at reduced rates.

Magento editions for the Canadian  market

Because the first Magento system didn’t meet the legal requirements in Canada altogether areas, different modules and a reconfigured version called Magento DE were developed. In most cases, shop operators can program individual solutions or create specific requirements in order that there are hardly any identical online shops.

The technical basis of Magento Hosting

Magento is predicated on the Zend Framework and is programmed within the PHP 5 programming language . Not only are many developers conversant in the Zend Framework, it’s also being continuously developed. With this approach, Magento places high demands on the specified hardware. so as to avoid performance problems, the shop system are often dimension ed very flexibly and therefore the large power requirements are often compensated for by clever caching processes.
With Magento, too, the program core, functions and style are clearly separated from each other in order that adjustments are often made without changing the system. In most cases, shop operators cannot make changes themselves thanks to the complexity. A prerequisite for knowledgeable implementation is in-depth knowledge of PHP and therefore the Zend Framework, that even experienced programmers need a training period. In-depth knowledge of PHP is additionally required for creating individual templates that transcend the planning and layout templates. thanks to its modularity, Magento are often flexibly supplemented and expanded with open source modules.

  • technical requirements Magento 1.9
  • PHP version PHP 5.4
  • Databases MySQL with InnoDB
  • Web server Apache, NGINX
  • recommended PHP memory limit 512 MB
  • PHP extensions PDO_MySQL, simplexml, mcrypt
  • hash, GD, DOM, iconv, curl
  • PHP settings Safe_mode off

Magento Hosting Functions and features

All the standard shop functions are covered by the Magento standard version. The multi-shop capabilities are one among the system’s strengths. this suggests that operators can manage several shops on one database. the shortage of multi-tenancy is certainly one among the best disadvantages of Magento. The shop system supports quite 60 languages, currencies and tax systems and is therefore suitable for international companies. additionally , all common payment systems are integrated in Magento, which cover the whole spectrum of payments from card payments, bank transfers, direct payments and invoices. The system also has excellent marketing, e-commerce and program functions. The shop system are often wont to perform cross-selling and up selling campaigns also as redeem vouchers and send newsletters. There also are some good approaches to including third-party CMS. Functions that are important for customer loyalty, like social networks, also can be easily implemented.

Advantages and drawbacks of Magento

Magento may be a very flexible and versatile shop software which will be quickly modified thanks to its modular structure. As free software, the Community Edition offers an unbeatable price / performance ratio. The Enterprise Edition is more suitable for giant companies. The shop system also has the subsequent features:

Free open source solution available

  • salable performance
  • Multi-shop capabilities
  • high flexibility and functionality
  • Strong encryption for security
    mobile HTML5 web stores possible
    fast performance
  • supports multiple languages and tax systems
  • extensive marketing functions
  • Magento is oversize for a few shops
  • lack of multi-tenancy
  • high demands on the hardware
  • very complex, great training effort
  • high maintenance effort
  • high hosting costs

Web hosting requirements for Magento

The many advantages of Magento come at the worth of high hardware requirements. The shop system runs on a 64-bit Linux server, the clients are platform-independent. Quad-core processors ensure good performance even during peak loads. the dimensions of the most memory should be 4 GB, more memory doesn’t harm. An Apache-2 server in reference to MySQL and PHP make sure that Magento runs properly. A cache memory, which caches the compiled PHP code, provides an honest performance boost

Alternatives to Magento Hosting

Open source shop systems became indispensable in online trading. No wonder there are more and more alternatives to Magento. Good shop systems include, for instance , Shopify and WooCommerce