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Hostpapa Canada

$ 3,95

Hostpapa Canada The country of origin of this host is Canada , more precisely the town of Oakville . he’s one among the online hosts who have already switched to green energy and this is often an honest place to start out this review on Hostpapa.

It was founded in 2006 and therefore the company slogan is “Let Daddy lookout of You”. But this is often not the slogan which will be discussed during this article. Rather, it’ll be an issue of the benefits or disadvantages of entrusting the hosting of your site to the present supplier that we invite you to get .

Overall Rating


"The Best we hosting company in Canada"

Storage Space
Very Good
E-mail Accounts
Very Good
Prices and offers
Very Good

Hostpapa Canada : In addition, the opposite information that we’ll even have to require under consideration is that it’s present in several countries, including France, England, Australia and therefore the us .

But it remains to be seen whether this benefits customers. And this is often also the rationale for this test on HostPapa. For us in any case this is often what’s most vital , the satisfaction of the customer wherever he’s before the recognition of the supplier.

The site displays a particular simplicity the maximum amount within the choice of colours as therein of the presentation. this is often one among the standards we’ve always insisted on when determining the worth of an internet host. It goes without saying that on now our candidate passes the exam successfully.

We are continuing this HostPapa 2020 review to seek out out what the opposite aspects of the host have future for us. It seems that for the customer it’s possible to profit from assistance in creating a site . this is often excellent news and that we are the primary to celebrate it.

Technical performance

It is from this stage that the important analyzes begin about the host and its skills and performance. We therefore invite you to read it fully in order that your point of view isn’t biased.

Hostpapa Services

So what does the host promise us on the difficulty of security? It offers us SSL certificates as we’ve already seen with several other hosts. this is often an honest solution but it remains incomplete. That said, let’s continue during this aspect of our HostPapa review to seek out out more.

It is also proposed a backup of your data to permit recovery of the sites within the event of losses or attacks suffered. All this seems to weigh in favor of the host.

In addition to SSL certificates, there’s SiteLock. this is often a security protocol that blocks current attacks also as future ones. As a final resort there’s the facility Protection which also helps within the protection of the sites.

Find more information about deployed security

So what’s our combat the safety that HostPapa offers? Well, we might have liked of these proposals to be reinforced with other solutions like a VPN for instance ( as is that the case with the host, for instance ), or multiple server redundancy.

Does it exist? Yes. And are there any hosts who offer it? Obviously yes and during this regard, and Hostinger provide you with tons more on security issues.

There is still to be done because the extent of security that has got to be offered to customers when it involves hosting isn’t yet achieved here. Especially once we know that some sites may contain bank details.

It is vital to feel protected, barricaded which isn’t how we feel at this level of our HostPapa review for 2020.

Why choose Hostpapa Canada

In this regard, we are offered a RAM of 1.5 to 25 GB for variety of processors that varies from 4 to 12 . We agree that this is often enough to form websites work but, between having the essentials and having the utmost , we elect the second option.

Because quite simply with Hostinger or, the performances that are offered to you so as to spice up the speed of your websites are far above anything offered here.

We are talking about RAM which will exceed thirty gigabytes and lots of other advantages not present during this review on HostPapa for 2020. additionally , during the varied tests that we’ve been ready to perform , we’ve seen that the performance and therefore the page load times of any site weren’t very satisfactory.

And it’s not the feedback of other users on the web which will make us lie!


How can we measure the reliability of an internet host? Well first of all, know that the host we are telling you about here offers website availability of up to 99.99%.

During our HostPapa test for 2020, we still managed to possess issues several times during a single month. We therefore have a particular number of doubts about the veracity of the figures suggests by the host.

Hostpapa Canada customer support

A serious customer will inevitably have a tough time staying with a supplier whose customer service isn’t readily available to them. That’s why we include this parameter in our articles. So let’s examine what the customer service of this host is worth.

Contact customer service

A live chat is directly accessible on the platform, which provides a positive direction to our opinion on HostPapa. Likewise, you’ll be ready to enjoy a group of well-developed tutorials on the location .

This space contains videos and other answers to big questions. and that we also will emphasize the very fact that the host are often contacted by email and by phone . But what seems most vital to us here is its availability and it suits us, it’s 24 hours each day without interruption.

Despite all of this, our Host Papa test for 2020 wasn’t overly successful. Indeed, it had been very difficult for us to get satisfactory answers to our questions or problems.

Plus, the 30-day money-back guarantee didn’t get us a full refund… much to our regret. As you’ll have understood, our opinion on this aspect of the supplier is basically not good.

Prices and offers

We were necessarily challenged by the simplicity of the offers of the host who only offers four.

It therefore offers us Web hosting available in three formulas and whose prices vary from 2.95 to 9.95 euros per month. this is often followed by the WordPress offer which is out there within the same price range also as within the same number of plans.

Hostpapa rates

We still list the packages available during this review on Hostpapa Canada and therefore the next one may be a VPS offer available in 5 different versions with a price range that oscillates between 19.99 euros and 249.99 euros per month.

The last formula is that the one dedicated to Resellers which is out there for 19.95 euros per month. the smallest amount which will be said during this a part of our Hostpapa Canada review is that the formulas offered are well described and straightforward .

They are easy to know then are the accessible features. On the opposite hand, we expect after having looked there very closely that it lacks a touch consistency. We’ll make that clear to you within the next a part of this text , except for now let’s continue with this.

Regarding the costs , Hostinger and PlanetHoster will provide you with less expensive offers (in general) and in particular far more efficient.

Discover all the offers of the host

Instead of the 1.4TB bandwidth offered for one among Hostpapa Canada’s offers, you’re getting to have unlimited access with one among these two hosts. And it’s an equivalent for the hard drive!

On the opposite hand, there’s a satisfied or refunded guarantee on all offers, but that’s not such a lot what we like about this review on Hostpapa Canada in 2020. What we like especially is that the incontrovertible fact that the duration is 30 days . Finally, it’s still necessary to be ready to enjoy it 100%. As mentioned above, we had a really bad experience at this level.

What taint a touch more our opinion on Hostpapa Canada.


These are four parameters that we’ll review here. When we’re done, you and us should have a way clearer picture of what the provider can and can’t provide you with .

Domain name

It bodes well to start out this final a part of Hostpapa Canada’s review on a positive note. It seems that the name is obtainable here for 1 year (if you’re taking hosting from him). But the host does a touch better, you’ll define it and adopt it for free of charge in any of the formulas offered.

It should even be added that the amount of subdomains is unlimited in a number of its formulas which it’s also possible to profit from a free site transfer with its name . All that being said, let’s advance to subsequent criterion.

Number of e-mail accounts

This is another positive note that somewhat catches up with the few bad aspects that we’ve noted thus far concerning the host.

Our Hostpapa Canada 2020 review is recuperating as we’ve seen that the amount of email accounts varies from 1 to unlimited counting on the offers.

Hostpapa Canada features

The number of web sites which will be created and hosted with one subscription varies from 2 to unlimited . it’s also a substantial advantage for the users of its services.

However, the very fact that a coffee limit is present during a lot of offers has cooled us a touch . for instance , this is often not the case with its competitor PlanetHoste or o2switch.

Storage space

We are talking a few minimum of 100 GB … in the least unlimited . But never mind since there’s better during this area.

o2switch may be a web host that provides you unlimited access to all or any aspects of an internet host. Whether it is the disk drive , RAM or processors, you get everything for less than 5 euros a month. So this is often truly a suggestion quite the other of anything that has been described thus far during this

Hostpapa Canada review.

What does one consider this web host now that you simply have all the cards in hand? In our opinion, this host isn’t the simplest choice, faraway from it . And this despite the very fact that the costs it charges are quite affordable.

During the completion of this Hostpapa Canada review, we were extremely disappointed with the customer service also because the performance offered for our website . And these are unfortunately not the sole negative aspects.

$ 3,95