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Green Hosting Canada

Green hosting doesn’t only mean the utilization of green electricity, but also a totally sustainable corporate philosophy. On the one hand, providers of green hosting do without the mostly cheaper nuclear or coal-fired power and fall back on energy providers whose power is obtained from renewable energies. Mainly hydro power plants or wind turbines are wont to generate “green electricity”. These alternative energies are often used without generating CO2 emissions and don’t consume any fossil fuels. additionally to the conscious and responsible use of resources, there are other ways for green web hosts to work their data centers in an ecologically and environmentally friendly manner. Not only does electricity generation play a task , but also energy-efficient infrastructures and work processes within the company. a number of the green hosting providers from our comparison also participate in additional measures for CO2 neutralization within the atmosphere, like the Plant-a-Tree program or consider working with 100% environmentally friendly partners.

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In summary, green hosting stands for:

  • Use of natural resources to get electricity
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions
  • Energy-efficient operation of the technical infrastructure
  • Implementation of energy saving concepts

Green hosting development

Green Hosting

For an extended time, green hosting was only offered by a couple of providers. within the previous couple of years, the subject has seen rapid development, especially in Canada. there’s now a mess of offers for those interested, from simple web space to professional business hosting that are awarded the title “Hosting”. the rationale for this is often , on the one hand, that more and more customers are brooding about environmental protection in sight of the worldwide situation and value having the ability to contribute to the present by choosing a sustainable and environmentally friendly web hosts. On the opposite hand, hosting has gone from being little niche for environmentally conscious customers to an outsizes and global trend. Many providers follow the trend and offer hosting themselves. it’s all the harder for patrons to stay track of the varied seals of approval and offers. Our comparison of the green hosting providers will assist you .

What makes a web hosts a green web hosts?

There are various options available to hosting providers to implement green hosting:

Use of renewable energies for power supply

Working with power generators who meet numerous environmental criteria and requirements supports the continual expansion of electricity generation from renewable resources and contributes to lowering CO2 and a cleaner environment.

Green hosting Technical infrastructure

By using energy-efficient technology for the info center infrastructure, power consumption are often greatly reduced. for instance , the highly efficient method of free cooling are often used for ventilation, whereby both the surface air and therefore the exhaust air are used for cooling. the extra use of fans with EC technology enables greater efficiency than with conventional systems.

Green Hosting Design of the info center

A special design for efficient air con in data centers is that the principle of cold and warm aisles. Cold aisles, during which the servers are front to front, alternate with warm aisles, during which the servers are housed back to back, thus enabling the cold and warm air flows to be separated, which may be cooled more effectively.

Energy efficient hardware

The use of recent , energy-efficient hardware with energy-saving processors and efficient power supply units has clear advantages in terms of the energy balance compared to older server technology. additionally , no toxic substances are utilized in the manufacture of those hardware components.


A server system requires quite 75% of its energy requirements even when it’s idle. Virtualization makes it possible to work several servers on one physical hardware. this suggests that fewer physical servers are required and therefore the same performance remains provided. the prevailing servers are wont to a greater extent so as to extend their energy efficiency significantly.
Innovative ideas

Additional innovative ideas, like the utilization of waste heat, can cause more energy efficiency. The extremely warm air generated by the server are often wont to heat other rooms, for instance .

Webmaster and Green Hosting

Green hosting providers often offer their customers special logos or banners which will be integrated on the web site . Usually these are seals of approval or plaques with the words “climate-neutral hosting” or “green electricity web hosting”. Ecologically conscious site visitors notice such measures positively. an honest impression, on the opposite hand, usually means the services offered on the web site , like hosting online shops , are increasingly accepted. Thus, not only the environment, but also the location operator benefits from green hosting.

Green Hosting Conclusion

If you too are participating in the? Green Hosting ?? campaign with one among your websites. want to participate, you’ll choose the offer of 1 of the online hosting providers from our comparison. The responsible use of resources and therefore the efficient use of energy may be a challenge that everybody should face with the resources available. Green hosting enables you to line a transparent example in terms of environmental protection. The list above provides an summary of green hosting providers as compared .