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Inexpensive exchange hosting Today it’s impossible to imagine everyday professional life without emails. Most of the communication, both internally within a corporation and externally with customers, takes place via electronic message . When it involves professional e-mail solutions for companies, there’s no way around Microsoft Exchange hosting.

Exchange hosting providers as compared

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Best Overall


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Best for Beginners


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Exchange hosting

Microsoft’s e-mail system has been the highest tier of e-mail services in terms of performance, functionality and security for over 20 years. the appliance has been continuously developed over the years and is now referred to as Microsoft Exchange not just for the E -Mail traffic, but also offers practical calendar functions for managing appointments and services for straightforward collaboration as a piece group. thanks to its versatility, numerous business customers use Microsoft’s mail and groupware solution to optimize communication and organization in their company. the sole downer is that Microsoft Exchange is running on its own servers quite complex and dear , which frequently makes small and medium-sized companies recoil . But there’s an easy solution to the present problem. The exchange hosting providers from our comparison outsource Microsoft’s service to the cloud, making it available to everyone.

How does Exchange hosting work?

With Exchange hosting, the mail server isn’t located with the customer, but within the data center of the Exchange hosting provider. With the acceptable technical infrastructure, this ensures that the server is out there anywhere and at any time. All technical efforts, like configuration, updating and maintenance of servers and software, are appropriated by the exchange hosting providers from our comparison. The customer’s mailboxes and data are always accessible within the cloud system and may be accessed from any device. Central administration on a server cluster system of the exchange hosting provider, the info is usually safe from failures and unauthorized access. albeit your own computer suffers a complete write-off or a tool is lost, the info isn’t lost because it’s located centrally on the server. during this way, the info are often easily restored in an emergency and also protected against misuse.

What can exchange hosting be used for?

The packages tested by us from the Exchange hosting provider comparison enable the customer to possess an entire infrastructure with Microsoft Exchange Serve rand to use its functionality. With Exchange Hosting, customers can access their e-mails, contacts or calendar entries anytime and anywhere. It doesn’t matter whether you’re reception , within the office or on the go. you’ll even access the info in important cases while on vacation. The connection are often made via a computer or with mobile devices like Android smartphones, iOS devices or Windows phones. With the Active Sync function, all devices used are often automatically mentioned so far . Employees who work together on projects in working groups can thus exchange information about progress at any time and continue so far .

Advantages of Exchange hosting at a glance:

Full functionality of a Microsoft Exchange server without having to seem after the hardware.
Data is instantly and automatically distributed to all or any end devices and keeps employees constantly up so far .
Group functions facilitate collaboration in projects and work groups.
Secure communication with encrypted RPC-over HTTPs protocol.

For whom is exchange hosting worthwhile?

For private individuals also as for freelancers, self-employed persons or companies of any size who don’t have their e-mail traffic via a standard web hosting package want to run, Exchange hosting from our provider comparison is suitable. Without having to manage the complex technical infrastructure, you’ve got access to a highly professional communication medium which will be used for better organization and therefore the optimization of labor processes. Switching to Exchange hosting also can be worthwhile for companies that have previously operated their own Exchange server. Costly maintenance and updating of possibly already outdated versions are often avoided with the change. Especially large companies with many employees who haven’t yet used their own mail server should choose exchange hosting from our provider comparison.

What should be considered when choosing an Exchange hosting provider?

Since there’s now an enormous selection of offers from different providers, you ought to definitely compare all Exchange hosting providers before concluding a contract. counting on the specified scope and your own demands on the service, you’ll then decide exactly on the proper offer.

Therefore, concentrate to the subsequent criteria:

Number of mailboxes– A separate mailbox should be available for every user. Think not only of the amount of employees within the company, but also of generic accounts like a support mailbox or mailboxes surely departments.
Mailbox size-The size of the individual mailboxes is usually underestimated. Offers with a couple of 100 MB of space for storing attract with low prices, but are often already full after receiving a couple of larger files like images or documents. a minimum of a couple of GB of space for storing should be available.
Traffic flat rate-Make sure that there are not any additional costs for data transfer, i.e. sending and receiving e-mails, even with large systems.
ActiveSync support-Push mail and Active Sync support is required for the active exchange and automatic distribution of knowledge to all or any mobile devices.
Extensive support-In addition to FAQs and wikis for self-study, a private support contact should be available for questions by phone and e-mail.
Data security-Regular backups of your data should be created automatically, to which you’ve got immediate access in an emergency.
Scalability-The booked package should be flexibly salable, for instance if you would like to make mailboxes for brand spanking new employees or increase space for storing .

One advantage of Exchange hosting is that the flexibility to settle on between different providers. You limit now with long contract periods. Therefore, concentrate to the term and see periods.
Use our provider comparison to seek out the proper Exchange hosting for your needs. Numerous companies are already using this service successfully. You can also enjoy knowledgeable and high-performance infrastructure and take your communication to subsequent level. within the list above you’ll find a comparison of Microsoft Exchange hosting providers.

Managed Exchange providers as compared

A professional infrastructure is required for secure and reliable e-mail communication. With Managed Exchange Hosting, the whole e-mail traffic and other associated functions like scheduling appointments and managing contacts are technically outsourced to a service provider. This guarantees the problem-free operation of all services on its own servers.

The term Managed Exchange refers to the outsourcing of your own Microsoft Exchange server to a service provider. The term managed refers to the service provided by the service provider, who takes care of all technical and administrative activities. The term Exchange describes the e-mail and communication solution Exchange offered by the software company Microsoft. This special sort of mail hosting has now established itself on the market and is employed by numerous providers additionally to web hosting packages , virtual servers and dedicated servers offered within the range. Since there are numerous different providers for Managed Exchange, it’s worthwhile to match the individual packages more precisely so as to seek out the simplest offer for your own needs.

If a corporation shuns the high effort and high costs of operating its own Microsoft Exchange server, it can have it operated by an external service provider as a part of managed exchange hosting. during this case, the server is connected to the web via the provider’s data center and may be reached from anywhere. the corporate doesn’t need to worry about hardware issues like defective components or infrastructure, nor software issues like security updates or new program versions. In contrast to normal mail hosting, the Managed Exchange Service offers Microsoft specific product features and extends the pure mailing function to incorporate personal calendar, note and get in touch with management.

Compare managed exchange offers

Managed Exchange can nowadays be booked at very affordable prices and with service packages that are optimally tailored to your own needs. the foremost important functionalities of Managed Exchange packages include the subsequent and will be compared with the corresponding Managed Exchange provider:

Number of accounts

The number of accounts is crucial when it involves what percentage different mailboxes are often created. In companies especially , one should also keep an eye fixed on future developments. If new employees are hired or the business model is expanded, new e-mail inboxes are usually required. Managed Exchange hosting should therefore offer sufficient leeway and, ideally, be individually expandable if required.

Storage space of the accounts

The space for storing of the accounts influences what proportion data are often stored within the mailboxes. Especially when email messages with attachments like files and documents are sent and received regularly, sufficient space for storing must be available.


When communicating by e-mail over the web , security plays a crucial role. After all, the info in emails is usually confidential or personal information. The Managed Exchange Service should therefore be equipped with the newest technologies for encrypting messages and use them reliably.

Outlook Web Access (OWA)

The term Outlook Web Access (OWA) describes a function that permits users to access the Managed Exchange Server from anywhere within the world via the web and to use all functions on any computer and device, even without a preinstalled client . Especially since the widespread use of mobile devices, this is often a crucial feature that ought to definitely not be missing.

Spam and phishing protection

Since the amount of potential threats from phishing attacks or spam increases with the increased volume of e-mails on the web , reliable anti-spam and anti-phishing functionalities should be ensured. These make sure that all messages are thoroughly filtered and threats are recognized and sorted call at advance.

Automatic backups

Thanks to automatic backups, it’s possible to revive all Managed Exchange data at any time within the event of unexpected data loss thanks to compromise or hardware damage. during this way, no important data is lost and employees can still work from where they were before the incident.

Additional functions

Microsoft’s Managed Exchange Service is characterized by the high range of functions. Numerous additional features like the management of contacts, the design of appointments within the calendar or the creation of notes facilitate teamwork and ensure an efficient workflow within the company.