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A2 Hosting Canada

$ 3,89

Launched in 2001 with the name Iniquinet, this web hosting startup steadily picked up the pace. They later changed their company’s name to A2 as an honor to its base location, Ann Arbor, Michigan.

It has always embraced the newest technologies, which has been a serious reason for its rapid climb and expansion. for instance , in 2004, A2 supported PHP5, making it one among the primary web hosting providers to try to to so.

A2 Hosting is one among the hosting providers that has established itself as a speedy and reliable solution for websites. Although not well-known within the web host industry, their service has been exceptional. the corporate claims that its servers are 20X faster, and their customer care is simply a call away.

In 2013, they introduced SSD (Solid State Drive) hosting to support its Swift Server platform. This enabled them to extend their speed for his or her shared hosting plans considerably, thereby making it stand out among all other shared hosting providers.

The company later adopted the utilization of turbo servers in 2014 to extend load speeds further. In other words, A2 has never shied faraway from adopting the newest technologies. This has been a serious reason for its rise to become a reliable, high-speed web hosting company.

Whether you’re new web hosting or want to vary web hosting providers, you would like to require A2 into consideration. Let’s discuss its benefits.

The Benefits of selecting A2 Web Hosting

Ultra-Fast Speed and Reliable Uptime

One of the most areas of focus when choosing an internet host is uptime. regardless of the niche you’re in or the web site you’ve got , you would like your site to be available to your audience without disruption for the overwhelming majority of the time.

And this is often a neighborhood A2 hosting shines the foremost . It promises and delivers a 99.99% uptime guarantee, and most of its current customers confirm this.

One of the items that has enabled A2 web hosting provider to take care of this impressive uptime is by limiting the amount of individuals it’s on a shared hosting server. By regulating the amount of resources utilized in a server, they’re ready to prevent downtimes which will be caused by spikes in traffic from several websites.

Also, they create use of caches to store information of individual browsers in order that they don’t need to get information directly from your site whenever a previous visitor involves your site.

In other words, a number of the resources they accessed from a visitor’s site are stored in their browser’s cache, making your sites load fast.

Overall, as far as website speed and performance are concerned, A2 is up there with other renowned web hosting provider. to take care of extremely fast load speeds, they need employed the utilization of turbo servers and SSDs.

Therefore, if you’ve got a site where speed is of great importance, like an eCom site, then A2 are going to be an excellent option.

If you’re comparing the shared hosting plan, you’ll be proud of its speed, regardless of the choice you choose . The Turbo plan will take speeds to an entire new level. we’ll mention the plans afterward .

Enhanced security and backup

All the A2’s data centers are SSAE16 certified, which suggests they need met the safety standards needed for data centers.

They have a gated parking zone that’s only accessible through a security key. The physical security is boosted by the utilization of video surveillance.

A2 also features a server reverse backup warehouse, which allows one to recover data easily from the saved account backup snapshots.

Also, A2 provides security tools like HackScan, which is great for malware protection. It runs 24/7 to make sure your website isn’t attacked.

Another of their security feature may be a web hosting firewall also as an epidemic scanner. of these defense mechanisms keep your site and data safe.

What’s more, of these security tools aren’t just optional add on and doesn’t require you to line them up because it is that the case with some hosts- A2 installs and manages them for you in order that you’ll have peace of mind. They run them within the background, and thus you’ll have peace of mind knowing that A2 is taking care of your site security within the background.

What’s more, all the A2 hosting plans accompany KernelCare. KernelCare allows A2 to update their security of the kernels anytime without rebooting the servers. With KernelCare, you’ll experience no downtime when doing updates. This ensures that your kernel will remain up-to-date.

Essentially, both KernelCare and HackScan acts as preventative security measures against malware attacks on your site.

Free site migrations

For those that have hosted their website on other web hosting services, the A2 team offers to maneuver your site resources to their servers for free of charge . Other hosting providers often charge for this service, and thus this is often definitely a plus for A2.

All the shared plans provide for a single-site migration while the VPS, dedicated server, and reseller plans provide for up to 25 free site migrations.

Please note that you simply will got to give the A2 team access to your cPanel for this to be done smoothly.

Plenty of essential tools for developers
Some of the A2 hosting plans are created to suit developers. More specifically, developers will find unmanaged VPS plans or dedicated servers that gives root access more convenient.

The reseller plans also are an excellent option for developers as they, too, offer administration access to servers.

What’s more, A2 works with major content management systems, including Magento, Joomla, WordPress, and Drupal. you’ll install a CMS with several clicks, albeit you’re not a developer.

A2 Hosting also offers an inbuilt web builder functionality to permit beginners to create a professional-looking website.

However, it’s important to say that the location builder comes at a special price than the bottom price for A2’s shared hosting plans.

Another point worth a mention is that the hosting plans offered by A2 are compatible with Cloudflare CDN. this suggests that you simply can separate your files from your server to maximise your page loading speeds.

Great customer support

A2 features a reliable and supportive customer care that’s available 24/7. and since they’re an in-house team, they’re knowledgeable and really resourceful.

Their professionalism and technical knowledge is that the main reason the A2 support team stands out as they’re ready to answer any basic or advanced hosting question users may have with ease. albeit you’re a developer, the A2 team will answer your advanced questions.

You can reach bent them via emails, phone calls, chat, or by submitting a ticket on their site. As compared to other hosts, A2 has a powerful reaction time .

Easy-to-use instrument panel
A2 offers an excellent instrument panel (cPanel), which is extremely easy-to-use and thus great for both newbies and experienced webmasters.

With the cPanel, you’ll navigate through different elements of your site and install CMS’s scripts with ease.

Also, you’ll access Drupal, Joomla, and other applications from the cPanel.

Before you check in for A2 hosting plan, there are a couple of cons or downsides you ought to confine mind;

High renewal pricing

Unfortunately, A2 implements low first rates also as high renewal pricing. Therefore, don’t expect to stay an equivalent rates you started with forever. To enjoy low rates, you ought to choose a 3-year contract.

Also, unless you contact the A2 team via email 15 days before your subscription time expires, A2 will automatically renew your current hosting plan.

Limited options on their Lite plan
If you’re considering the Lite plan, you ought to remember that it comes with limitations. The plan doesn’t have the fastest servers, and thus are often quite limiting.

A2 Web Hosting Plans

Like many other web hosts, A2 offers different hosting plans including;

  • Shared Hosting
  • VPS hosting
  • Reseller hosting
  • Dedicated Hosting

Shared Hosting

A2 offers a number of the foremost impressive web shared hosting plans as compared to several other hosting providers. the alternatives have many benefits and are affordably priced. to not mention that they supply great performance.

There are three shared hosting plans you’ll choose from; Lite, which starts at $2.97, Swift, which starts at $3.70, and Turbo, which starts at $7.03.

We would recommend that you simply choose the Swift plan as Lite is sort of limiting. The fastest of the three is that the Turbo plan.

All these shared plans accompany unlimited transfer, unlimited storage, free site migration, and free SSL.

VPS Hosting

The virtual private server is for people that want access to more resources than those offered in shared Hosting. The A2 VPS hosting offers both managed and unmanaged VPS plans.

Managed VPS plans range from $25 to $50 a month while the unmanaged VPS starts at $5 to $15 a month. There also are Core VPS plans that provide root access.

It is important we mention that unmanaged VPS plans aren’t for ordinary web owners- they’re reserved for professional developers who want more control over their virtual servers.

Developers can select the storage, resources, and RAM they need to use. Managed VPS plans suits majority of internet sites .

Reseller Hosting

If you’re an internet designer, developer, or have workplace , then reseller hosting is that the best choice for you.

If you plan to sell web hosting plans to your clients, the reseller option will suit. Plans during this Hosting starts at $9.80 for Bronze, $13.72 for Silver, $18.13 for Gold, and $30.38 for Platinum plan.

If you compare the reseller hosting plans offered by A2 with those offered by other companies, you’ll realize that A2 plans are quite affordable.

Dedicated Hosting

Many web owners will probably not need a fanatical server because it is reserved for websites that receive high volumes of traffic. this suggests that small- and medium-sized websites might not necessarily need this level of hosting.

If you’ve got an outsized eCom store, you’ll choose this sort of hosting as you’ll get dedicated server resources like RAM, bandwidth, CPU output, and storage.

There are four different levels of dedicated hosting, including Unmanaged Flex Server ($99.59), Discount SSD Server ($129.30), Managed Flex Server ($141.09), and Core Flex Server ($141.09).

A2 Hosting dedicated servers have super-fast speeds.

$ 3,89